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JP-S53129630-A: Wide angle photographic lens patent, JP-S5312995-A: Cold curable resin composition patent, JP-S53130598-A: Device for vibration finishing and crushing parts and method of treating parts patent, JP-S53130769-A: Filling of drying agent into sponge tape patent, JP-S53131134-A: Club shaft for golf patent, JP-S53131410-A: Device for suppressing highhfrequency current in bearing patent, JP-S53132098-A: Production of fiber-reinforced polyurethane foamed moldings patent, JP-S53132565-A: Process for preparing 11methyll55semicarbazonoo66oxyy 2*3*5*66tetraindolee22sulfonate patent, JP-S53132717-A: Engineedriven ac generator patent, JP-S53132952-A: Mounting method for read-only memory patent, JP-S53133237-A: Primary rust preventive coating compound patent, JP-S53133415-A: Magnetic recording device patent, JP-S53133771-A: Buffer type gas breaker patent, JP-S53135027-A: Eaves trough joint patent, JP-S53135113-A: Method of stopping liquid patent, JP-S53135552-A: Latching phase shifter patent, JP-S53136698-A: Apparatus for making trolley line straight patent, JP-S53136770-A: Wet type dust collecting method patent, JP-S53137177-A: Metronom patent, JP-S53137506-A: Method of determining position of operating jack for boommrocker system patent, JP-S53138200-A: Electric heating device and electric heat type thruster patent, JP-S53138576-A: Transparent showcase patent, JP-S53138670-A: Analog noise generator patent, JP-S53139499-A: Antitheft line and method of laying said line patent, JP-S53139848-A: Filamenttblended yarn and method of manufacture thereof patent, JP-S53140167-A: Ignition device patent, JP-S53140611-A: Miniaturized manual sprayer patent, JP-S53140634-A: Pressure remote supplying and regulating mechanism patent, JP-S53140792-A: Device for automatically dredging liquid utilizing double botton section of ship patent, JP-S5314126-A: Method of making compound metal material patent, JP-S53142847-A: Containing method of antenna patent, JP-S53143189-A: Photoconductive coating patent, JP-S53143960-A: Relay patent, JP-S53145310-A: Method of placing sand pile patent, JP-S53145490-A: Solar battery patent, JP-S53145523-A: Print control system patent, JP-S53145645-A: Optical fiber conductor patent, JP-S53145735-A: Propelling pencil patent, JP-S53147761-A: Method and apparatus for expelling liquid synthetic resin material patent, JP-S53148014-A: Liquid transfusing method of liquid gas in tank patent, JP-S53148362-A: Electronic computer patent, JP-S53148434-A: Detection system for anomalous feed of film of cine camera patent, JP-S53148540-A: Production of iodophol compound and improved stabilization of iodophol type drug patent, JP-S53148752-A: Flowing-fluid heating appartus patent, JP-S5314902-A: Counter weight device of shovel system excavating machine patent, JP-S5314958-A: Sewage treating method patent, JP-S5315125-A: Structure of tuning pin for piano and so on patent, JP-S5315298-A: Process for preparing phosphate patent, JP-S5316466-A: Method of cleaning off accumulated power patent, JP-S5316523-A: Standard frequency generator for ghost checking distance marker patent, JP-S5317072-A: Package for semiconductor device patent, JP-S5317322-A: Camera patent, JP-S531835-A: Liquid fuel cell patent, JP-S5318727-A: Industrial germicide for true fungi patent, JP-S5319140-A: Automatic pouring method patent, JP-S5319343-A: Azo dyes patent, JP-S531991-A: Dental saliva ejector patent, JP-S5320521-A: Motor control device patent, JP-S5321066-A: Rolling mill patent, JP-S5321252-A: High impact polyamide composition patent, JP-S5321613-A: Type wheel rocking printer patent, JP-S532290-A: Bail backing apparatus of spinning reels patent, JP-S5323027-A: Transformer core standing device patent, JP-S5324014-A: Production of oral administering antibiotic composition patent, JP-S532448-A: Production of novel iodated isophthalam acid derivatives and xxray contrast medium containing same patent, JP-S5325291-A: Oxidation and reduction catalysts for treating combustion gases and the manufacture patent, JP-S532589-A: Preparation of thermosetting acrylic resin patent, JP-S5326225-A: Cast sand for antiiseizing patent, JP-S5326311-A: Antifertilizing vaccine composed of resolvent transparent zone patent, JP-S5327771-A: Negative brake controller patent, JP-S5327856-A: Electric rotary razor patent, JP-S5328514-A: Corrosion resisting high expansion alloy patent, JP-S5329602-A: Power supply connection circuit patent, JP-S5330001-A: Pump running method patent, JP-S5331056-A: Proper torque limitation nut patent, JP-S533108-A: Terminating charge system patent, JP-S5331186-A: Measuring apparatus for acoustic emission patent, JP-S5331356-A: Treating of drainage containing harmful metal patent, JP-S5331842-A: Spin dyed sparkling yarn patent, JP-S5332296-A: Coil for strong magnetic field generation patent, JP-S5332610-A: Facsimile unit patent, JP-S5332772-A: Electronic watch patent, JP-S5337005-A: Switching circuit of tape recorder patent, JP-S5337841-A: Solid state switch patent, JP-S5338417-A: Time recorder patent, JP-S5338628-A: Novel antiulcers patent, JP-S5338802-A: Fluid heating device patent, JP-S5338881-A: Noise detect system for remote control apparatus patent, JP-S5338961-A: Differential type detector patent, JP-S5339441-A: Battery separator patent, JP-S5340246-A: Information system patent, JP-S5340931-A: Method of press-fitting metal ring with rubber ring into track shoe patent, JP-S5341037-A: Rain sheltering structure in combination with pent roof patent, JP-S5341063-A: Anaerobic digesting tank patent, JP-S5341252-A: Method of and apparatus for measuring characteristics of substance patent, JP-S5341682-A: Liquid circuit keeping input power of liquid pressure pump within any specified constant valve patent, JP-S534208-A: System for continuously mixing agricultural chemical liquids patent, JP-S5343330-A: Operative truck in particular one used in plantation of tobacco patent, JP-S5343793-A: Preparation of ion exchangeable group-containing fluoropolymer patent, JP-S5344112-A: Apogee feed folding system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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